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Struggling to sell your products as successfully as your competitors on Amazon?
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As the most popular shopping app in Gulf, the platform attracts over 150.6 million users.

If you’re selling products online, being listed on Amazon should be your top priority. However, that’s only half the job. There are currently over 2.5 million active sellers on Amazon.

In short, the competition is fierce.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you must have a winning Amazon marketing strategy in place…

… This is where we step in!

What's our secret? A winning mixture of compelling product page copy, Amazon CPC advertising, and Amazon SEO.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your existing storefront or start from scratch, we’ll help you kick-start a stellar campaign that checks off all the boxes!

Why Amazon Marketing Is Important

of buyers are more likely to buy products from Amazon than other platforms 
web users price check products on Amazon 
of Gulf Amazon users purchase electronics on the platform
of online users browse Amazon for shopping inspiration

What Amazon Marketing Services do we offer?

At FBM, we go the extra mile to deliver excellent results that speak for themselves.
Here’s a glimpse into our Amazon marketing process:

Extensive Business Research

We thoroughly research industry trends and specify the target audience to lay the foundation for our marketing strategy. We then create individualized Amazon SEO, Amazon advertising, and external marketing strategies to boost your listing and generates high-quality traffic.

Keyword Research

For any Amazon ad services to succeed, you need to rank on high-value keywords to enhance sales. Our team performs an extensive keyword search keeping your products in mind, keywords your competitors are ranking for and keywords they’re not focusing on to give you an edge.

Competitor Analysis

The success of your Amazon PPC campaign is dependent on where you stand in comparison to your competitors. We analyze their marketing goals and design a PPC campaign that ensures you’re always one step ahead!

Amazon Page Optimization

Our team focuses on improving organic rankings and reaching maximum ROI. We share high-quality images of your products, create engaging and relevant product descriptions, and fill all the relevant categories to ensure optimal optimization. Our goal is to turn clicks into purchases.

Account Management

Our Amazon marketing specialists minimize room for error and maximize discoverability. We cover all the bases to ensure the strategy runs seamlessly and generates the expected results. We create a mitigation and contingency plan to take care of any unforeseen hiccups.

Ad Campaign Management

We want to maximize your ROI. Our team tweaks your default bid where necessary; we also ensure your ads don’t show up in irrelevant searches.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We monitor, evaluate, and re-evaluate all metrics to maximize exposure and sales. During this stage, we also juxtapose the results of the ongoing campaign with those of past campaigns to create a progress report. In some cases, we may make minor adjustments to the strategy.

Timely and Comprehensive Reporting

At FBM, we prioritize transparency. Our team shares monthly Amazon performance reports with the client to keep them abreast of the progress and developments. We also request feedback and implement it into the initial research stage of the process for the next strategy.

What Amazon Ad Campaigns Looks Like

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Why You Need to Invest in Amazon Marketing

An astounding 74% conversion rate for Amazon Prime members
A platform that has a 30% market share in Gulf e-commerce space
Compelling product pages are much more likely to lead to first-time and repeat sales

More than 300 million active users
Amazon shoppers tend to be wealthier than shoppers on other e-commerce platforms
Amazon SEO can get you on the first page for targeted keywords

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Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon marketing comprises a set of strategies that help sellers become more visible on the mega online shopping platform.

Amazon marketing is a goldmine for e-commerce businesses. It helps sellers target more customers, maximize conversions, rank higher for product search results on Amazon, and make impressive sales. With a high ROI, sellers can reap the benefits of Amazon marketing and orient their business for long-term growth.

Investing in Amazon sponsored product ads is a great way to help your products become more visible and discoverable on the platform. At a low cost per click, you can reach your target audience on third-party sites and apps, thereby maximizing traffic inflow and conversions.

The Amazon sales funnel is each step that users take when making a purchase on Amazon. Optimizing the Amazon sales funnel is a great way to convert better and increase revenue. Our Amazon marketing specialists are adept at creating customized Amazon funnel designs that maximize impressions and ensure long-term e-commerce business growth.

Click here to request a free proposal. Our Amazon marketing specialists will get in touch with you shortly.

If you sell products on Amazon (or are considering doing so), your business stands to benefit from Amazon marketing.

Sponsored items are advertisements that promote your Amazon page. They appear among Amazon product search results and on pages that display product details.

Depending on your target audience and products, you’ll have a customized Amazon advertising strategy based on the pay-per-click (PPC) model. This will help you generate more traffic and maximize sales on Amazon.

At FBM, we specialize in managing a wide range of Amazon ads for clients. We closely track and monitor analytics to improve ad reach and performance.

Amazon campaigns are ad-oriented. Ads appear strategically on the platform to maximize impressions, clicks, and conversions. This, in turn, helps you boost revenue and get a high ROI.

Get Your Products Trending and Start Selling Fast!

From seller plan consultancy to product page copy, promotions, and robust tracking, we provide complete Amazon marketing solutions.

Amazon racked up an impressive $75.5 billion in the first quarter of 2020.
Impressive, right? It doesn’t stop there.
The platform’s popularity hasn’t abated for an instant since. Whether you sell electronic gadgets and gizmos, apparel, beauty products, or furniture—among countless other categories—you should have a razor-sharp focus on creating and optimizing your page and products on Amazon.
It’s no wonder that small and medium-sized businesses sell 4,000 products each minute on the mega platform!
At FBM, we help you sell your products and grow your audience on Amazon. When you sign up with FBM, it doesn’t matter if you’re an existing Amazon seller who’s struggling to get seen or someone with a unique product but no e-commerce experience—we take every step necessary to supercharge your presence on the platform.
We help you pick between an Individual Plan and a Professional Plan, after which we ensure that every product listing you put up is primed for Amazon’s in-house search algorithm.
With us, you can target high-volume keywords, optimize your copy for conversions, and conduct systematic A/B testing for proven results.
And we don’t stop there.
Our Amazon CPC campaign wizards can get your listing to the top of Amazon search results, all while minimizing your spend.
We use a results-driven strategy that employs the many kinds of ads Amazon offers, and leads potential customers to your conversion-optimized product pages.
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