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Why Digital Business Cards Are A Better Choice Than Paper Cards?

When it comes to the debate between Digital Business Cards vs Paper Business Cards, we can be sure that both sides have good arguments to make. Fundamentally, both types of cards serve the same purpose — they help you create business opportunities and grow and leverage your network.

But digital business cards have a significant advantage over paper business cards. In this article, we will look at why you should choose electronic business cards over paper business cards.

We have to say this outright — we believe that with the COVID-19 pandemic, paper business cards might be on their way out and electronic business cards are going to see mass adoption. After all, everyone is shifting from handshakes to other forms of greeting that do not involve touch. So it won’t be surprising to see this happen with business cards as well.

What You Get Benefit With Our Digital Business Card Services


Protect the environment by reducing plastic and paper consumption.

Multiple Languages

Share your information in multiple languages automatically

Always available

Save it on the mobile home screen, you will never run out of cards again.


Integrate your corporate video or catalogs and store them in an interactive format.


Know the number of visits, from where they visit you, how many times they access your publications, downloads and card sending.

Viralize your content

Share and let others share your card in any social network with a single click.

Location Map

Your contacts will see the location of your business on the map.

Integration with CRM

We can integrate contacts you generate on your cards with any CRM.

QR Code mixed

We create a QR that allows direct access to your digital card from your printed cards.

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Why You Need to Have Digital Business Card

Share your virtual business card using a QR code or send it through email, text, social media, and more.

  • Easily create digital business card
  • Share your card with anyone
  • Manage your contacts seamlessly
  • Turn paper cards into digital contacts

Discover the Digital version of Business Cards and share your information

Stand out from the crowd with digital business cards. Not only are digital cards better for the environment, they’re also better for your wallet and will help you make a great first impression.

We know there are people who love physical business cards. If someone hands you a physical card, use our human-verified business card scanner to easily digitize your new contact’s information. Digital Cards help you generate good practices in your organization, to involve your employees and to demonstrate commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

The card is immediately accessible without need to download and register in an app. This card respects the new digital rights laws.

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