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What is HTML Email Signature and What are the Benefits?

An HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) signature is a block of text, with or without graphics, appearing at the bottom of an email. The HTML email signature stands out from plain text signatures because it can display images in different sizes, colours, and shapes. There are also options to add tracking links, lines, dots, other design elements.

The sales team needs to have a standardized email signature when communicating with customers so your company has a cohesive branding appearance across all platforms. Sales team managers often overlook this element, but it is just as important as the company name in your email address.

This allows the sales team to offer personalized communication which improves click-through rates, website visits, and calls. These signatures ensure that your customers know your brand, and the text and graphics promote brand name and consistency. They can also promote your latest campaign or promotion while driving brand credibility.

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A professional email signature generates interest among readers and encourages them to contact you quickly and easily. So it is always best to design an attractive HTML signature that is appropriately formatted and includes your logo.

Some Facts and Reality of HTML Email Signature

You may be using just an image as your email signature. It looks great and has lots of useful information.
Let’s go over the reasons you need an HTML Email Signature rather than simply an image.

  • Stop The Risk Of Your Email being Spam
  • More Than One Link
  • Scalability
  • Resolution & Legibility
  • Customizable
  • Always Be Seen

Why not an image only?

It’s simple. If you use a photo, your email is more likely to be flagged as spam for the simple reason that the text: image ratio would be a lot lower. Your emails are supposed to contain more text than photos. A simple way to add to that ratio? Go with an HTML email signature.

Spam filters use the text: image ratio as one of the rules of a quality email that you’re actually likely to read. Quite a few spam emails use a lot of images for a simple reason: their coding skills aren’t where they should be.

Another reason to use HTML text in your email signature is to give you more options when it comes to links. You only get one link with an image, and customers may not know exactly what it is. With HTML, you can give your email recipients some options of links they may choose to or not click.

Frequently Asked Questions

An HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) signature is a transformation of text appearing at the bottom of your email message. It is different from the simple and common, plain text by an ability to display images in different sizes, colors, and shapes, add tracking links, lines, or dots other design elements.

Definitely HTML. It gives lots of design options and stunning design including clickable option.

At a minimum, anyone who works in your organization that has direct contact with your customers should have an email signature. An email signature not only provides your contact information, it creates trust and reassurance that the customer is dealing with a professional company – not just a one-man band. Ultimately, everyone in your organization should have an email signature to create uniformity.

If you’re representing a company, at a minimum, you should include your name, job title, company name, and phone numbers. However, most email signatures contain much more information than that. Here’s a list of things we see in most signatures:

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Company Name (optional if you have a logo in your signature)
  • Qualifications (optional as some industries display qualifications to gain trust, such as accountants, medical specialists etc)
  • Logo or Picture of Yourself
  • Phone Numbers
  • Business Addresses
  • Website
  • Email Address (optional and a highly debated topic whether you should include your email address in the signature, since it is already visible in the email itself)
  • Social Icons
  • Disclaimer (optional)
  • Banner (optional)

Generally speaking, the narrower an email signature is, the more devices it will work well on. For example, because mobile phone screens scale everything up, they also scale the email signature up as well, and if your signature is already quite wide, it might word wrap some text to the next line, and that won’t look great. So, it’s best to make the signature as narrow as possible while sticking to your corporate design guidelines.

  • using signatures as a part of marketing strategy (banners and call-to-actions)
  • using gifs
  • adding preferred pronounces
  • photos
  • social icons

Don’t use an image as your whole email signature. Most email clients don’t download images automatically (for security reasons). If your whole email signature is a single image, and the image isn’t downloaded when you send someone an email, the recipient won’t see any of your information, not even your name – nothing. That looks unprofessional.

Absolutely not! In fact, if you look closely enough, most email signatures will look slightly different when viewed through different email clients and devices.

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