A "Quality Links Matter" approach that brings your website to the 1st page in Google!




Well-researched, well-written, engaging, and value-added blogs that bring traffic and improve the domain authority. Each blog is carefully optimized to improve rankings on SERPs and increase the client’s online visibility.





Once you sign up for our backlink building services, our experts take a deep dive into your industry. We identify the highest-ranking keywords that will help generate quality backlinks and improve your rankings. If your current keyword rankings aren’t up to par, we create a list of target keywords to produce quality organic traffic.
We also analyze your backlink profile and site architecture to understand where you stand. Based on these insights, we create the right strategy that can achieve excellent results.



Profile Building and On-Page Optimization
Now that we have a good grasp of what’s required, we get to work. Our writing and editing team develops engaging, industry-specific, value-added, and optimized content to build your backlink profile. We use different types of content to target multiple segments of your target audience.
Our team identifies content gaps and fills them to help you get seen online and generate quality backlinks. We use high-ranking keywords, image filenames, alt tags, and other optimization elements to improve your rankings.
During this stage, we fine-tune the details to help you appear authoritative in the eyes of web users, potential link building partners, and Google. We use quality internal and external links to generate backlink juice for your brand.



Once our link building strategy is up and running, we keep changing it based on your progress. Our team identifies high-authority websites that have excellent SEO metrics. We help you get seen by these industry giants and earn quality backlinks that consistently increase your rankings, traffic, clicks, and conversions.



As your project continues, we carefully monitor the progress to ensure everything’s on track. You will be provided with timely, comprehensive updates so you know exactly how your business is benefiting from our efforts. We maintain complete transparency to ensure that our clients are in the know-how of every aspect of their project at all times.
Our team will continue to update you on new strategies we’re implementing based on the development of your backlink profile. We don’t want to reach a certain pinnacle and call it a day. Instead, we want your business to grow consistently. By setting new goals, we help you reach new pinnacles and keep getting better and better. As our backlink services change with new trends and insights, we update your strategy accordingly.
During this phase, you’ll start noticing a lot of changes. Google will begin using your backlinks to rank your site. This will help increase your web traffic, open up greater revenue opportunities, and establish you as an authority in your industry. The results will continue to crystallize and improve as your project continues. Sign up for our link building services to get started!


Link building is at the core of all SEO practices. Here are some of the
many benefits you get when you hire FBM for link building services.

Spam Removal

Identification and removal of all spammed and harmful links to your site that are pulling your website down.

Competitor Analysis

Analysis of your competitors, their link building approach and identification of new link opportunities.

Guest Posting

Identification of high DA guest blogging platforms and creation and publication of quality content and links.

Local Directory

Our plan also involves creating compelling local and industry profiles with quality backlinks as an important branding and ranking factor.

Social Profile Building

Our plan also involves creating compelling social profiles with quality backlinks as an important branding and ranking factor.

Social Sharing

Sharing of all content, including guest posts and promotional material on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

New Audiences

We get content published on credible third-party platforms. The right back-linking plan can help you connect with a wider audience.

Permanent Homepage Backlinks

We help boost your ranking with high-powered, credible links that help you climb SERPs.

More Rankings

Our Quality over Quantity approach will bring high Google rankings for your target keywords.

More Traffic

Comprehensive link building strategies work collectively to bring the right audience and web traffic to your website.

Increased Domain Authority

Strategic, well-planned and well placed back-linking will increase your domain authority in Google.


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Salient Features Of Our Client Dashboard:

24/7 Traffic Updates

Log in any time to see your latest website rankings, web traffic stats, demographics and Google Analytics data.

Activities Reporting

An eagle-eye view of all SEO & website activities for sit. Monitor daily, weekly and monthly progress and results.

Keyword Rankings

Get the latest weekly Google rankings for your selected keywords and search terms.

Social Media Updates

No more tedious typing. Leave an audio feedback or query about the project at the tip of a button!

Timely Updated

Up to the minute HTML, Hosting and domain details, backlink reports and Google Analytics data.

Audio Feedback Feature

No more tedious typing. Leave an audio feedback or query about the project at the tip of a button!

Get More Traffic, Calls & More Sales!


According to Google, backlinks are the second most important SERP ranking factor—behind only content. But on the other hand, 94% of blog content on the web has zero backlinks coming in, which is majorly concerning.

Struggling with credibility in your industry niche? Are your SERP rankings not budging despite a solid blogging strategy?

At FBM, we provide white hat website link building services that improve your website’s ranking & incoming traffic. A white-hat approach to link building keeps your website safe from Google penalties.

Our team of SEO experts focuses on factors such as relevancy, usefulness, and domain authority. We also conform and keep up with Google algorithm updates—such as Panda, Penguin, and BERT.

Our team creates backlinks through articles, guest blogs, infographics, video promotion, and community participation. Each type of link targets a different audience or potential client, and helps your business become an authority in your industry.

Hire A Leader In the Website Link Building Strategies!


Our link building services combines on-page and off-page SEO to develop a comprehensive backlink portfolio for you.

At FBM, we aim to systematically establish you as an industry authority in your niche. We do this by creating a comprehensive, relevant, and authoritative link profile for your website and business on the internet.

Links are required to rank in Google, and we firmly believe in the power of organic link building services. That’s why our team of search technicians and analysts combines on-page and off-page strategies, contextual link building techniques, and other SEO activities to source hundreds of backlinks that direct traffic to your online presence.

From email marketing campaigns to power blogs published on high domain authority website, and articles written for third party platforms, we pull out all the stops to get you the backlinking portfolio you need.

On top of that, we provide our clients with competitor analysis reports that allow them to see where their backlinks are coming from, so they can tap into new opportunities.

Sign up for our link building services today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Link building service providers charge hefty amounts for monthly projects. At FBM, you will find customized packages comprising of the best link building strategy for your website at highly affordable rates. Please note that the total cost for the project depends on specific client requirements, the project scope and overall goals and deliverables.

Contact us, to get a project estimate today and a few website audit report today!

At least 3-6 months is a realistic and reasonable amount of time to see genuine, long-term rankings, traffic and conversions, though it also depends on the industry and the overall competition. We have delivered results in thousands of industries. FBM utilizes effective link building tools and experienced SEO specialists to help to achieve results for its clients.

At least three to six months is a reasonable and realistic amount of time for proper, long-term rankings, traffic, and conversions to take hold.

However, results are also highly dependent on the overall competition as well as the industry. Over the years that we’ve been in business, we’ve delivered meaningful results for thousands of industries. We leverage effective tools for link building and SEO specialists in order to achieve results for our clients.

Given the immense online competition and tremendous revenue potential of the internet, it can take some time to achieve desirable results. We always advise our clients to give the link building strategies we implement sufficient time to deliver results. However, if you’re still not happy with the results, please share your concerns with the project manager. They’d be happy to improvise the strategy to accommodate your needs.

  • Dedicated Projects Managers
  • No Contracts. No Hidden Fees
  • Google friendly, link building strategies
  • A trusted name in digital marketing

Of course. You can call +974 40371114 right now and speak with an expert; or you can fill out this form and our team will contact you within 24 hours!

At least three to six months is a reasonable and realistic amount of time for proper, long-term rankings, traffic, and conversions to take hold.

However, results are also highly dependent on the overall competition as well as the industry. Over the past years that we’ve been in business, we’ve delivered meaningful results for thousands of industries. We leverage effective tools for link building and SEO specialists in order to achieve results for our clients.

Of course! We’d love to take the task of your hands so you can focus on core business processes. As a holistic digital marketing agency, we have the resources to take on the task with ease.

Of course, if you give us a call, our team would be glad to give you a comprehensive consultation that will cover your goals, services/products, and your budget.

Influencer marketing has been proven to build trust and allow businesses to win over consumers’ hearts. Here are some of the many benefits you get when you hire FBM for influencer marketing:

  • Influencer Research: Make sure you’re targeting the right influencers for your brand
  • Influencer Management: Prevent messaging gaffes and control the narrative
  • Long-Term Strategy Management: Chart out a course for more reach and engagement
  • Brand Representation: We’ll liaise with influencers on your behalf
  • Campaign Audit: Assess its effectiveness and make tweaks accordingly
  • Relatable, Organic Content: Have a natural presence and mind share
  • Cross-Channel Benefits: Content for every platform your influencer on choice is on
  • In-House Content Production: Handle all aspects of your campaign in one place
  • No Bought Followers: 100% organic reach

Our link building strategies involve creating high-quality, relevant content on- and off-page in the form of guest posts, press releases, infographics and videos, and social media posts. So we’ve got you covered!

Absolutely! You will be assigned a dedicated project manager after placing your order with FBM. They will be your go-to person for queries related to your project.

As our client, you will be provided full access to the Client Dashboard tool, which you can utilize to critique reports, review and approve content, and direct questions to the team that’s working on and creating content for your project. Nothing gets posted without your approval!

Yes, depending on the project, client, industry, and business model, we utilize the link building strategy in our plan. Broken link building is the process of identifying and replacing broken links by reaching out to webmasters. As a result, the links are rectified, and your business starts earning a steady flow of traffic. While we prefer using content-driven link building strategies because of their efficacy, we also incorporate other white-hat strategies (like broken link building) into the mix for better results.

Yes, we cover all the bases! Our team takes care of everything from coming up with high-demand, industry-specific titles to writing and optimizing quality content to effectively pitching it for better reach. You don’t have to worry about taking the reins at any point; our team will handle everything from start to finish and beyond.

Yes, we’re very receptive to feedback from our clients. If you want us to take a different direction, feel free to send in your suggestions. Our team will discuss them and determine whether implementing said changes is in your brand’s best interest. We ultimately want your business to benefit from our services. By combining our expertise with your feedback, we’ll help you earn quality backlinks.

Absolutely. You can review samples by taking a closer look at our portfolio or talking to our chatbot (they’re available 24/7). If you require specific samples for your industry, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll help you out.

Link building is a content marketing strategy that involves procuring and securing quality inbound links from high DA, credible websites to improve the visibility of your website on search engines.

A backlink is a link that redirects web users from one domain to another. For instance, if an established business includes a link in their content to your site, you’ve earned a backlink. As users click on the link, they’ll get a chance to explore your site. The outcome? You’ll reap the benefits of greater user engagement, more conversions, and better rankings. At FBM, we do just that. Our backlink services help you earn quality backlinks from sites with high domain authority. As a result, you get a power-packed boost in traffic, clicks, conversions, and revenue.

Domain authority (DA) measures how well-established and authoritative a website is in Google’s eyes. The DA score ranges from 1–100. The higher the score, the greater the authority. At FBM, we focus on earning backlinks from high-DA sites with a score above 50. As you earn do follow backlinks from these sites, you’ll rank higher on Google SERPs and get a generous boost in conversions.

Anchor text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. The text should be descriptive and relevant without being spammed. The links can be no-follow or do-follow links.

A no-follow link is one that consists of a rel=”nofollow” tag in its HTML code. The tag tells search engines not to pass authority from the linking page to the destination page.

The difference between a no-follow link and a do-follow link is the presence of that attribute. From an SEO perspective, do-follow links are the ones that hold value.

White-hat link building involves the use of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, such as relevant and targeted linking to other relevant, high-quality content on the internet in order to drive traffic to a website.

Quality backlinks are links that are earned from websites with high domain authority. These websites are considered credible in Google’s eyes. Increasing your reach through quality content and other individualized strategies improves your chances of earning quality backlinks

Yes, we have a team of qualified, experienced, and trained link building specialists on board. They specialize in analyzing backlink profiles and developing a custom plan that’s right for the client. Instead of acquiring low-quality inbound links, we focus on earning high-DA (domain authority) links that improve your site authority and drive both organic and referral traffic. Our link building specialists keep up with Google’s evolving and complex search engine algorithms to identify the most effective and sustainable white-hat link building strategies.