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Product Description Writing Services that Boost Sales & Conversion Rates!

What Do You Get With Our Unique Product Description Writing Services?

Product descriptions can make or break a sale, and FBM understands that better than
anyone. We create impeccable product descriptions that will have customers lining up to try your products.

Our team of experienced product description writers develops product descriptions
that a) provides necessary information, and b) builds a connection with your potential customers; and by doing so, boosts sales!

Here’s what you get from our professional product description writing services.

SEO Optimized Product Descriptions

The product descriptions we create for you are strategically optimized for SEO to make it easier for search engines to rank your website high. 

Conversion-Driven Copy

Say no to generic copies! Our writers take the time to really understand your products to promote its best features that guarantees better experience and conversion!

Strong Calls to Action

Great product descriptions go beyond just descripting key features; they add strong calls to action that seal the deal!

Customer-Focused Strategy

We conduct a thorough market and target audience research to identify touch points. We leverage our research insights to create product descriptions that hit the right spot. This ensures long-term growth.

Experienced Product Descriptions Writers

Whether you want to revamp your existing product descriptions or create them from scratch, our writers know the perfect verbiage to encourage your customers to purchase.

Prompt Turnaround Time

FBM doesn’t keep you waiting. Our turnaround time is quick and efficient, regardless of the scale of your projects. We deliver you the product descriptions within just a few days of receiving your order!

Unlimited Revisions

We offer unlimited revisions, and our job isn’t done until you’re fully satisfied with our product descriptions.


We steer clear of bland copies and focus on developing fresh, creative, and meaningful product descriptions that make your product stand out to contribute to higher sales.

Keyword Research

We include high-value keywords to help your product descriptions dominate search engine results and ultimately contribute to your sales.

Better Brand Management

We use SEO product descriptions to make the right first impression on your target audience to cultivate their trust and confidence in your brand. We strive to capture your brand voice and emulate it into the product descriptions for increased brand awareness.

Dedicated Project Managers

We pride ourselves on keeping our valued clients happy by addressing their queries and concerns promptly. When you work with us, you have an attentive project manager who communicates all your needs to ensure content creation that’s best suited for your brand.

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Powerful Benefits of Product Descriptions!

  • Addresses the needs of your customers and customer experience
  • Builds trust among your customers
  • Higher engagement and conversion rates
  • Improved brand awareness and industry recognition
  • Keeps your website up-to-date with fresh content
  • Better B2B networking opportunities
  • Adds new pages to your website to increase your chances ranking
  • Results in a higher ROI
  • Increases the credibility and relevance of your site

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Promote Your E-Commerce Website With Product Descriptions That Sell!

Detailed product description were one of the top three features people factored in when buying clothing, electronics, or groceries online.

87 percent of people stated that product descriptions were "extremely important" when making a purchasing decision.

Are you looking to generate revenue from your e-commerce website?

Want to maximize your monthly and quarterly profits?

Looking to ensure that your viewers have access to all that you have to offer?

You need dedicated product descriptions and FBM can create them for you!

Now you can add new products to your website with confidence and watch your traffic and sales increase!

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