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How Important Is QR Code with Logo For Your Brand?

QR Code inevitably bridges the gap between online and offline marketing. Make a QR code to take customers right from your printed brochure to your company website.

Our custom QR code shapes and stickers with CTA get you the highest QR scans in the market. You may set the QR logo and color to immerse it with your branding.
Our user-facing interface can be white-labeled to have complete control over your branding. White-labeled QR Codes increase consumers' trust in your brand.

You can easily quantify the success of your physical world marketing campaign by measuring the conversion rates in terms of scans and actions performed by users on the displayed landing pages.

Check Out Our QR Code with Logo Design Portfolio

Your logo is your brand. We’ve helped thousands of brands come up with a QR Code with logo that defines their core values and brand identity, while making them instantly recognizable! Take a look:

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Customize and create QR code with logo, color, and shape to attract more scans

Best QR Code Shapes

We have the widest selection of QR code shapes - Circle QR Codes, Heart, Animals, Medical, Shops, Food, and Party QRs. Choose the QR shape that aligns with your business branding to increase scans.

Top QR Code Stickers

Our QR stickers come with various colors, marketing CTAs, and patterns to make your own QR code appear more prominent and unique. Adding a call to action increases the rate of QR Code scannability.

Cool QR Code Colors

You may give different colors to your QR codes to match your brand. You may try different color combinations or select a predefined optimized color options for QR to make your QR code even more beautiful!

Customize QR Body

Customize a QR code by choosing unique body elements such as eyes, eyeballs, or the entire QR body to align with your branding.

Add Brand Logo

Add your logo to your QR code to increase customer trust and make QR more relevant to your business branding.

Add QRs to Brochures

FBM comes with the tool to decorate your brochure images with your generated custom QR code to print them.

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