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Are you struggling to stand out from the competition on Twitter?

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There are currently over 330 million active users on Twitter.

As the platform grows in popularity, millions of businesses are creating accounts and targeting their audience! If your Twitter presence isn’t up to snuff, you could end up watching potential sales go down the drain…

Our team devises whip-smart Twitter marketing strategies to help you engage your audience.

We’re focused on three key areas: trends, quality, and consistency and run both organic and paid Twitter marketing campaigns to maximize your return on investment.

Why Twitter Advertising Is Important

of Twitter users purchase a product/service after seeing it on Twitter
of all Gulf companies with over 100 employees have a Twitter marketing strategy in place
of Twitter users have mentioned brands in their tweets
of Twitter users have taken an action after coming across a brand mentioned in a tweet

What Twitter Marketing Services do we offer?

Our social media experts create an individualized Twitter marketing plan for each client.

How does this help? Instead of receiving a one-size-fits-all strategy that may or may not work, you’ll get tailored solutions that help you gain an edge in your industry!

Here’s what we offer:

Target Audience Research

We specify target demographics and research consumer preferences to maximize engagement and conversions.

Page Follower Growth

We use organic growth strategies to increase your follower count and engage more customers. From sharing trending content to posting polls, we use a wide range of strategies to give your Twitter page a much-needed boost.

Profile Development

Don’t have a Twitter profile? We’ll create one from scratch. Based on the insights we collect, we’ll tweak your profile to set it apart from competitors’.

Twitter Advertising and Analysis

We carefully monitor ongoing campaigns and make adjustments accordingly to ensure the best possible results. We manage and analyze all activity, including Twitter analytics and customer feedback.

Twitter Content Creation

Our content writing team creates and optimizes high-quality content to keep readers engaged. We run everything by the client beforehand.

Periodic Reporting

We keep our clients in the loop by sharing monthly performance reports and additional insights. Ultimately, we want you to see exactly how your business is benefiting. Our transparent approach helps keep things on track and ensure long-term growth and sales.


A Glimpse Into Our Twitter Marketing Services Twitter is more than a hashtag game.

It helps you drive awareness, promote your products and services, engage in trending topics and discussions, and connect with your target audience.

In addition, you can touch base with your followers with hyper-targeted paid Twitter advertisements that can directly increase sales!


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Types of Twitter Ad Formats

Thinking of investing in Twitter paid advertising? Here are some options!

How To Get Started With Twitter Advertising

Thinking of investing in Twitter paid advertising? Here are some options!

Why You Should Invest in Twitter Marketing

  • Ad engagement on Twitter is growing at more than 200% a year!
  • A real-time platform for answering customer queries
  • Benefit from the best of visual and textual media
  • Use hashtags to become part of global narratives
  • Use retweets and promoted posts to grow your audience
  • Easily trackable metrics for a wealth of demographic data

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Frequently Asked Questions

Twitter marketing is the process of creating, optimizing, and updating your Twitter business profile to engage more customers. Actionable Twitter marketing strategies can help you grow your audience, maximize conversions, and increase sales.

Twitter is currently one of the most popular social media platforms out there. With over 330 million users, it’s a goldmine for marketers. As you share high-quality content and redirect users to your products/services, you can rack up impressive profits and strengthen your brand identity in the long run.

Yes! You can post updates, share content, and keep your audience in the loop for free. However, users can also pay to promote their Twitter profile. You can opt for promoted tweets to reach a wide audience. At FBM, we help clients with both organic (free) and paid Twitter marketing.

Double yes! When it comes to Twitter ads, you only pay when your marketing objectives have been achieved. This protects you monetarily. Twitter ads expertly engage your target audience and offer a low cost per click. Ultimately, you can check off your goals at an affordable price. It’s a win-win!

If you’re ready to get started, we can help you out! Click here to request a free proposal. Our Twitter marketing specialists will get in touch with you shortly.

Yes, Twitter marketing helps small businesses reach a wide audience on the platform, increase sales, and improve their brand identity.

If you sell products/services and are looking to reach more people, Twitter marketing can help you do just that.

Advertising on Twitter works through promoted tweets. Twitter ads are placed in front of your audience based on their search interests and engagement patterns. As they engage with your ad, you can redirect users to your website or facilitate sales on the platform via direct messages (DMs).

At FBM, we create a customized Twitter marketing strategy that aligns with your industry, business model, and target audience. From using high-volume keywords to frequently posting engaging content, we pull out all the stops to maximize reach on Twitter.

From optimizing posting time to engage customers with replies, tags, and retweets, we use actionable strategies to help you gain more followers.

How Can I Sign Up for Twitter Marketing? Let Twitter Marketing Do the Trick!


From using high-ranking hashtags to actively sharing engaging content, we go the extra mile to electrify your Twitter presence

At FBM, we’ve been in the game long enough to know what works and what doesn’t.

And when it comes to social media, Twitter is a clear winner after Facebook.

The fact that a whopping 66% of companies use Twitter for marketing purposes isn’t happenstance; it’s intentional. When businesses invest in Twitter, they know exactly what they’re signing up for: impressive customer engagement and retention, great sales, and long-term growth.

We don’t want you to miss out on any of these.

Our Twitter marketing specialists use innovative, effective, and sustainable strategies to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd. Our proprietary Twitter marketing recipe comprises end-to-end Twitter management, real-time trend monitoring, hashtag research, surveys, and live tweeting, among many other key ingredients.

We keep up with the latest trends and industry insights to tweak each client’s strategy prior to and during the project. This helps us implement winning marketing tactics that help your business hit the ground running!

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